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Picture looking into the hub in Magic Kingdom at Cinderella Castle with the "50" logo on it lit up at night and the Mcdonald's Happy Meal Toys of the Fab 8 Disney characters dressed in their 50th gear lined up on the ground in front of it.

Happy Together! Mickey and Minnie Mouse Twin with Their Happy Meal Toys

The clock (that is currently hidden behind the 50th sign) will soon strike midnight on “The World’s Most Magical Celebration!” While we’re getting ready for the next themed extravaganza, we can’t help but reflect on our favorite memories from the 50th festivities.  We celebrated the actual anniversary day/week/month with McDonald’s Happy Meals from states away,…

Picture of the Mad Hatter counting on his fingers in his top hat with a mustard yellow coat, a blue vest, and a teal bowtie at the Supercalifragilistic Breakfast held at 1900 Park Fare in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Teaching the Mad Hatter Math in Disney World: Will You Sign My Fraction?

If you’ve ever felt stressed trying to help someone with their homework, you know teaching and explaining difficult subjects like math can be quite challenging. We relate to the struggle from our recent encounter with the Mad Hatter at the Supercalifragilistic Breakfast held at 1900 Park Fare in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. We…

Picture of Dale of Chip 'n' Dale holding a black bowtie up to his neck at The Garden Grove restaurant in the Walt Disney World Swan Resort

Meeting Chip ‘n’ Dale in Walt Disney World: New Outfits?!

Most people know Chip and Dale as Disney’s lovable goofball chipmunks from movies and TV shows dating back to the 1940s, but we’re guessing the origin of their catchy monikers is less common knowledge.  According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, “Chip ‘n’ Dale” is a punny take on the name of an eighteenth-century furniture designer and…

Jiminy Cricket at the DVC Moonlight Magic 2020 Event in Animal Kingdom

Meeting Jiminy Cricket at DVC Moonlight Magic and Blowing His Mind!

What a fun surprise! We were thrilled to discover that Jiminy Cricket was holding an unannounced character meet and greet at the DVC Moonlight Magic event in Animal Kingdom earlier this year. He’s so rarely out in the parks that his inclusion was a fantastic bonus to an already stellar lineup for the party! We…

Meeting Olaf...in Summer with his Backup Flurry

What if Olaf’s Flurry Fails?! Meeting Olaf…IN SUMMER!

Have you been feeling under the weather lately?  If so, it’s best for you to join us as we meet everyone’s favorite snowman who lives under the weather—you know, that little flurry cloud that Elsa made for him! We were worried what would happen to this little guy if his flurry failed him while spending…

Meeting Gaston in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom - Gaston With His Nose Stuck in a Book

Gaston…With His Nose Stuck in a Book!

It’s somewhat shocking, but it happened.  That’s right—everyone’s favorite guy, Gaston, had that dreamy far off look and his nose stuck in a book when we met him recently in Walt Disney World!  The man Belle called, “boorish” and “brainless” wasn’t entirely opposed to seeing his story in print, but he did have some significant…

Best Meet and Greet with Donald Duck - Donald Duck's Underpants

Will You Sign My Underpants?! with Donald Duck

I admit, I’ve joked about Donald Duck thinking he is “#1” and his incessant need to assert this fact on numerous occasions. I’ve always liked Donald, and I’ve loved meeting him in the parks and at restaurants. Still, I didn’t agree that he was truly tops until this interaction. Now, I believe! Donald Duck’s number…