Picture of Dale of Chip 'n' Dale holding a black bowtie up to his neck at The Garden Grove restaurant in the Walt Disney World Swan Resort

Meeting Chip ‘n’ Dale in Walt Disney World: New Outfits?!

Most people know Chip and Dale as Disney’s lovable goofball chipmunks from movies and TV shows dating back to the 1940s, but we’re guessing the origin of their catchy monikers is less common knowledge.  According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, “Chip ‘n’ Dale” is a punny take on the name of an eighteenth-century furniture designer and cabinet maker named Thomas Chippendale.  We find details like that fascinating and even more amusing when considering what else out there might have been similarly inspired.  We hope you enjoy our tongue in cheek approach to this potential misconception when we met everyone’s favorite chipmunks recently at The Garden Grove restaurant in the Walt Disney World Swan Resort. 

Also, we invite you to check out our other favorite character meet and greets and our exclusive series, “Will You Sign My…?” featuring our most memorable interactions obtaining Disney character autographs! Chip and Dale do sign autographs, and we look forward to sharing more of our best moments with them in the future including the special items they signed.  For this meet and greet though, we wanted to see their reactions to being gifted a fun new outfit inspired by the potential confusion with their names.  We hope you get a kick out of it and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you don’t miss our dining reviews, planning overviews and tips and tricks videos!