Expedition Everest in the distance with a reflection on the water in Animal Kingdom

#7 – Dispelling Myths and Rumors About Disney

Did you hear, the Yeti in Expedition Everest is haunted?! Disney keeps trying to fix it, but it will never work when the park is open.  Ooh—spooky!  Only kidding.  That is what we’ve heard, but it is decidedly NOT TRUE!  The Yeti has been broken since 2008, and Disney cannot fix it without making major structural changes to the mountain.  Yet, we’ve heard that and so many other doozies about Disney over the years!  Check out today’s video where we discuss the myths, misconceptions and badly informed beliefs that we intend to clear up on Seeking the Magical and hear which one we dispel today! 

#7 – Dispelling Myths and Rumors About Disney

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