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Our Promises to You

We promise to always be honest with you about our experiences and perspectives.  We’ll be straightforward and forthcoming, and we’ll fully disclose if we have a financial stake in anything we’re presenting or if we’re ever confronted with a conflict of interest.

We’re not talking about a blanket statement on a buried page on our website or a standard disclaimer on every article we write saying, “We accept compensation in the form of affiliate program advertising, restaurant and hotel sponsorship and product sales.”  That is not good enough.

Instead, we’ll be transparent with you. We’ll tell you if a discount or free item/service is not readily available to others in any way. We have no problem with free stuff or discounts, but we’ll tell you—explicitly—whenever we address anything that falls in that category.  If we ever post with the potential for affiliate income or kickbacks, we’ll tell you about it.  If we’re ever sponsored, we’ll tell you.

Thus far, we’ve earned income from general YouTube ads on our channel, and that’s all.  We’re very grateful for that small income stream from this, and we’re simultaneously proud that every other penny that has gone into Seeking the Magical has been ours. 

Please note, if we purchase something using a discount that is widely available to the general public, we won’t bore you with that information. For example, if we get a discount on a hotel room using a AAA rate, we’re pretty certain you don’t care. If we purchase a meal in the Magic Kingdom and receive a discount for being an annual passholder or a DVC member, we won’t take up your time talking about that. Of course, if you would rather we tell you about any discount ever—even if it’s publicly available—please let us know, and we’ll happily do so.  When we say open and honest, we mean it.  We just don’t want to waste your time.

To hear more about our promises to you and to learn about our unique approach to reviews, please watch the following video.

Hear why we’re different, and how we’ll earn your trust.