Picture looking into the hub in Magic Kingdom at Cinderella Castle with the "50" logo on it lit up at night and the Mcdonald's Happy Meal Toys of the Fab 8 Disney characters dressed in their 50th gear lined up on the ground in front of it.

Happy Together! Mickey and Minnie Mouse Twin with Their Happy Meal Toys

The clock (that is currently hidden behind the 50th sign) will soon strike midnight on “The World’s Most Magical Celebration!” While we’re getting ready for the next themed extravaganza, we can’t help but reflect on our favorite memories from the 50th festivities.  We celebrated the actual anniversary day/week/month with McDonald’s Happy Meals from states away, but we finally joined the party in Disney World in the fall of 2022 and brought the fab 8 Happy Meal Toys with us. Besides having a little late-night photo shoot with the toys, we met Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom, and they were twinning with the toys!

We hope you enjoy this, the twenty-first installment in our exclusive series, “Will You Sign My…?” featuring our most memorable interactions obtaining autographs from Disney characters. Stay tuned for more fun meet and greets and check out the rest of the series on our YouTube channel!