Meeting Summer with his Backup Flurry

What if Olaf’s Flurry Fails?! Meeting Olaf…IN SUMMER!

Have you been feeling under the weather lately?  If so, it’s best for you to join us as we meet everyone’s favorite snowman who lives under the weather—you know, that little flurry cloud that Elsa made for him! We were worried what would happen to this little guy if his flurry failed him while spending time relaxing in the summer sun; thus, we gifted him with a backup of sorts. Check out the video below to see the fun we had meeting Olaf…IN SUMMER!

Also, we invite you to check out our exclusive series, “Will You Sign My…?” featuring our most memorable interactions with Disney characters and our other character videos as well.  Like Olaf, some characters do not typically sign autographs, but we still have a ton of fun with them!  Be certain to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss our most entertaining character meet and greets and all our dining reviews, planning overviews and tips and tricks videos!

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