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  • Painting with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy at Topolino’s Terrace Character Breakfast
Mickey Mouse touching his heart in his artistic painting outfit at Topolino’s Terrace in Disney World

Painting with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy at Topolino’s Terrace Character Breakfast

We love meeting Disney characters and having them sign some rather odd things. From mousetraps to underpants, our collection of signed items is pretty eclectic. Still, we never even imaged that one day it would expand to include a piece PAINTED by a Disney character. What’s that you say?! Yes, a Disney character painting!

Between Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy, which one do you think will take us up on the opportunity to actually paint a canvas? Only one of the four decided to paint, and we’ll admit it was our last guess. You’ll have to stay tuned to the video below to find out which artist completes the phrase, “PAINTED BY…”!

Of course, we’re sharing our interactions with Disney characters for your viewing pleasure, but we’re also hoping these videos serve as inspiration for you to make your own unique, magical memories. Frequently, children are more excited to meet characters than adults as they often feel more at ease in meet and greet situations. While our character videos are meant to be fun for the whole family, they’re specifically geared for adults to help increase comfort and foster creative ideas and personalized approaches to character interactions. Autograph books are great souvenir options for little ones especially, but our meet and greets feature everything from funny props to rather odd requests, the occasional sentimental souvenir and even a practical item or two to elicit amusing, original experiences. For adults who feel awkward or uncomfortable in a basic meet and greet environment or for anyone looking to plus up their character interactions, we highly recommend this customized approach, and we invite you to share your experiences with us!

We hope you enjoy this, the eighth installment in our exclusive series, “Will You Sign My…?” series featuring our most memorable interactions with Disney characters. Stay tuned for more fun meet and greets and check out the rest of the series on our channel! Be certain to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss our next post!